Zion's Pipe Organ

Zion is very fortunate to have a large pipe organ, built by Mr. Michael Quimby of Warrensburg, Missouri.


In January 1983, the congregation approved this organ.  The organ was installed in May of 1984, and used for the first time on June 17 of that year.  A dedication service was held on September 30, 1984.


Our organ has three divisions, containing fifteen ranks and 922 pipes.  The voices of the Great keyboard are assigned to be played by the lower keyboard (manual); the Swell voices by the upper manual and those of the Pedal by the keyboard on the floor.  The stops are activated by stop keys, located over the two manuals.  Couplers are also present which allow the divisions to be connected so that more than one may be played simultaneously from a single keyboard.


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