Our Mission


Zion United Church of Christ is a community committed to worshipping God, nurturing families, and serving the wider community. Our mission is to serve Christ through serving our neighbor.


Our Vision


We envision a faith community that fosters and enriches our personal walk with God. We strive to be a community where the worship, learning, service, and fellowship are so important to us that we always want to be involved.                                                                                                                                                                                    

We envision a church where the spiritual gifts and talents of each person are identified and fostered, where all feel empowered to live out the specific calling God has for them as individuals and as part of a community.


We envision a place where on-going enrichment opportunities make people want to learn more and to share that knowledge with others in a way that invites and inspires them to become part of a community of faith.


We envision a congregation that identifies service opportunities that are meaningful and fill the needs of our wider community. We strive to be people who use their individual gifts and talents in ways that reflect a unique blend of leadership, compassion, and thankful living.  


We envision a fellowship of believers who make life-sharing such a part of their daily lives and part of our church that young people and new families will choose to join us in making Zion the warm, caring and compassionate place that it is now for many more years to come.

© 2019 Zion United Church of Christ
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